Some Space

Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Hari tak selalunya cerah, kadang mendung, kadang hujan, kadang ribut dan ada jugak sampai ribut petir. Same goes for life. Life is like a wheel. There are ups and downs. It is a cycle.

Sometimes when we're having hard times, we just wanted to be alone. Excluded yourself from the surroundings. Stay away from some people. Become ignorance. 

The good thing is we actually started to ponder about our lives. What have we done so far. What are the reasons behind these problems at the first place. Looking for possible solution(s) and conclusion. We started to reflect from our doings. We eventually are thinking and gathering thoughts. 

I'm actually stuck in this situation right now. It has been a few weeks. I have so many things in my mind. This and that. I'm getting restless. Still working on the solutions. On the other side, I became peacefully ignorance. I'm too tired to even think about others.

So, I need some space for myself. To sort out all those things together and back to their places. I'm standing away from the people that I used to talk. The one that I share my thoughts, feelings and my worry.

Maybe I should enjoy my time with myself.  'Me' time.

Footnote: Hoping for the best.