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4Fingers vs KyoChon

Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
Bila follow account instagram yang selalu post food review dan food hunting ni memang asyik tergoda je la kan. So, nak try jugak la kita pun. Maaf la ketinggalan sikit.
So, last Saturday I went to 4Fingers outlet at Time Square. The actual purpose was to buy a backpack. Itu pun sebab I was on my off day, so roger my friend and kitorang merayap sampai ke TS. Kebetulan sampai kat sana around lunch hour so terdetik nak try 4Fingers.

4Fingers Singature Mix Combo (RM37.50): 6 pieces Wingettes 6 pieces Drumettes 1 small Skinny Fries with Kimchi 1 small Skinny Fries with Seaweed 2 cups Iced Lemon Tea
Review - First thing first, saiz! Besar jugak saiz ayam dia tapi takde la macam ayam KFC. Sesuai la dengan jenis franchise ni. Ayam best sebab crispy. Kriuk kriuk. Btw, sebab combo mix so it was mix flavour, half perisa Soy Garlic and another half perisa Hot. I prefer Hot flavour. Normal untuk yang suka makanan pedas. Tapi tak pedas sangat pun. So-so. Ac…

Some Space

Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
Hari tak selalunya cerah, kadang mendung, kadang hujan, kadang ribut dan ada jugak sampai ribut petir. Same goes for life. Life is like a wheel. There are ups and downs. It is a cycle.
Sometimes when we're having hard times, we just wanted to be alone. Excluded yourself from the surroundings. Stay away from some people. Become ignorance. 
The good thing is we actually started to ponder about our lives. What have we done so far. What are the reasons behind these problems at the first place. Looking for possible solution(s) and conclusion. We started to reflect from our doings. We eventually are thinking and gathering thoughts. 
I'm actually stuck in this situation right now. It has been a few weeks. I have so many things in my mind. This and that. I'm getting restless. Still working on the solutions. On the other side, I became peacefully ignorance. I'm too tired to even think about others.

So, I need some space for myself. To …

Rest Well 2017

Assalamualaikum. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
So, I'm gonna do a recap on what I've been up to in 2017. Let see if I can remember all those things.
Surprise Birthday Treat - Well I rarely got surprises on my birthday. Apetah lagi orang nak belanja celebrate my birthday. The food is very nice and the cake omg sedap sangat okay. The almond salted crepe cake is veghi nice (drooling while typing this hahaha). Thank you celebrate birthday kita hiks :)

Site Visit Sekangkang Kera - Site visit paling tak best untuk studio which is Kajang. We had to cover whole places in Majlis Perbandaran Kajang. Sepatutnya, Daerah Bachok in Kelantan tapi berubah sebab masa tu ada flu apa entah lupa. So, tukat tempat la jadinya. Bosan okay bila Kajang je.
Weekend Getaway di Janda Baik - Went to Janda Baik sebab dah tepu terperap kat kolej. So, my friends and I decided to mandi sungai. Balik hari je. Dekat je kan haha. Kitorang ke sana naik 2 kereta. Yang bestnya siap bawak bekal breakfast. Gigih masak bihun…