You Get What You Give


Hey there. It's already in the mid of August. Syawal already left us. How fast time flies uh. There are 3 weeks left for my semester breaks. Less than that actually.

Actually, last week I was quit busy as the results for my second semester have been announced last Friday, 14th August 2015. 

But we've got the email few hours earlier than the actual date. Idk why it was like that.

Everyone dah macam "weh email dah masuk weh. pehal awal sangat ni. cuak ar."

Semua terus gelabah. Aku yang tengah cool, chillin' with my feeling ni pun tetiba jadi parkinson bila dapat email tu.

And all I can say about my results is alhamdulilah. Even still can't achieve the every-semester target but I'm happy with it. At least it is better than the first semester. Dah bersyukur sangat dah. Just a little bit more.

Well well well. I'm happy for my friends who got listed on Dean's List. Congratulations. Your efforts have been paid. (watch out! semester depan aku depan korang. muahaha. semangat membara ni!)

So, this is the results of my five months struggles. Well aku dah usaha setakat yang termampu so lepas usaha, tawakal jela kan. Dia ikut setakat mana usaha kita.

Semester depan efforts kena maximum. Yeah! You can do it, Ayeng.

If you give more, then you'll get more and vice versa. "You Get What You Give"


Footnote: Semester depan dah masuk '2nd Year'. Yay. (3 tahun lagi =,=)


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