After Death


Serius je tengok tajuk tu. Aku ade terbaca satu post ni kat instagram Faizdickie (#villagepeople haruslah kenal). Tajuk penuh dia Social Media and Internet After Death. Katanya ni final project beliau. Okay. Aku bukan nak cerita pasal final project Faizdickie ni. Tapi pasal message yang dia cuba sampaikan.

Kadang-kadang aku pun ada jugak terfikir pasal ni. Kita ni hidup 24 hours dengan social media. Pagi petang siang malam scrolling FB, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger and etc. Plus, mostly kita punya daily activities menggunakan internet. Lepas tu macam-macam kita upload kat situ. Ye dok?

Agak-agak lepas kita mati apa akan jadi dengan semua yang kita upload tu? Tak kisah la gambar ke, videos ke, articles ke, status ke, tweets ke. Everything. Macam mana kita nak delete semua data tu?

Bak kata Faizdickie, "Adakah semua data tu akan 'mati' bersama kau?"

Credit: @faizdickievp

There should be someone that you trust (like totally on your side) to give he/she all your passwords of your social media accounts. So, if you die (one day), he/she has to delete all your stuffs on the internet. Or much like you can have a lawyer to do that. Just giving ideas.

If this doesn't work for you, otherwise, you can jot it down and keep it somewhere safe. Then, write a will/letter to your parents/family to tell them about it.

All the things we uploaded on the internet actually can either be bad or be good for us (in hereafter). For example, if kita uploaded or posted about ilmu or something like positive vibes to others, and the people take benefits from them, then they will be our 'saham' in akhirah. But if there are something negative and untrue stories that we uploaded, they will be our burden later. For example like revealing our 'aurah' or other people 'aurah' (mostly photos).

As we know, once we uploaded 'something' on the internet, it can either be good or fitnah. This is a serious issue. Sama jugak macam kita 'like' post di instagram. We should be careful with what we 'double-tap'. Contohnya, kita 'like' gambar yang tak elok or nak senang gambar yang not covering aurah, it will effect us later. Even benda tu sebenarnya kecik je kalau kita fikir.

So, we should be careful with what we uploaded on the internet. Let them be our 'saham'. Even se-ciput mana pun.

Remember - "Ajal tak kira umur, jantina atau sesiapa pun. When the time comes, then that's it. Will not be late even for one second."

Footnote: This post just a reminder for us to be a much better muslim. I'm not perfect, banyak salah silap and still seeking for His blessings. Please no hard feelings. Okay? =)


  1. thinking about this since a long time ago :) sekarang dah start utk delete apa2 yg inappropriate, walaupun mungkin tak didelete habis pun dalam internet ni. people said, once uploaded, it will always be there. so, the next step is, watch out what do we post online.

    thank you for this reminder! :)

    1. Yes sis... Kadang-kadang kita tak pernah terfikir pun semua ni... just upload randomly... welcome btw.=)

  2. salam singgah petang dik...terima kasih atas perkongsia ini...

  3. peringatan untuk kita semua makhluk yang lemah..

    btw sy singgah dari segmen kak mia :)

  4. mm.. btoi tu.. terima kasih mengigatkan...


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