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It has been so long since previous post. Around a year I guess. Em em bukan tak rindu kat blog tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Lately I've been so busy with ton of assignments and projects. Sometimes sampai tak tidur hadap assigments berlambak tu lagi-lagi bila esoknya ada submission. Oh lupa. Now, I'm an undergraduate student in Bachelor of Town & Regional Planning (Hons) till the next 3 years and will be graduated in 2018. In shaa Allah. Guess what...I'm still with UiTM. Anak emas UiTM la katakan. Hahaha. And not at Puncak Alam anymore but at the main campus, UiTM Shah Alam. I'm kindly missing Palam so much but it's okay as I'll be returning there soon. Maybe next year I guess because Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU) will be transferred there.
Town Planning Student

Actually, I didn't choose this course and in the beginning I forced myself to took this course. Yela course ni lain terus dengan apa yang belajar selama ni.…